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Halda iTrip H-100 is an ideal device for drivers and co-drivers in offroad rallies. This tripmeter is perfect for measuring distances in the most difficult conditions. First of all, it ensures a clear presentation of the displayed value and simple operation. It always presents the most important parameters. The tripmeter is equipped with a GPS module and can also be equipped with the so-called azimuth routing.iTrip H-100 tripmeter. Perfect for offroad rallies.

iTrip H-100 GPS tripmeter is a tripmeter, ideal for rallies.The H-100 tripmeter, also known as Halda, is used to measure distance, time, course indication and voltage in the vehicle. Halda H-100 is intended for baja, offroad and crossing rallies. The use of the tripmeter in such rallies and events is possible thanks to its welded, waterproof steel casing and hermetic connectors. Halda works correctly above and under water 🙂.

The GPS tripmeter meets all the expectations of a rally pilot:  allows you to drive according to the road book issued by the organizer  allows you to make distance corrections in case of discrepancies with the road book or if you get lost  continuously tracks vehicle speed, car power supply voltage, current course (in the version with a GPS module)  allows you to route a waypoint at any time based on the course to the destination and the distance to the destination and navigate to this waypoint (in the version with a GPS module)

How does halda H-100 help the crew?

iTrip does the hard and boring work for the pilot. Halda is always available and can display measured values ​​or direct the crew to their destination at any time. He does it quickly and accurately. The crew provides intelligence and ideas for driving and the course of the competition. Then the crew, car and device become a team.

Readability of indications

To increase readability and ease of use, all measurement parameters are on the screen at the same time. You don’t have to switch anything to see except the distance, e.g. heading or supply voltage.

Road (distance) measurement

Distance is measured using one or two speed sensors. The H-100 GPS tripmeter can calculate distance using the built-in GPS module (in the version with a GPS module). The distance measurement is carried out with excellent precision. With two speed sensors, the theoretical accuracy will be 0.025 m/1 km. Halda H-100 constantly monitors the operation of speed sensors. Information about the sensors’ operation is signaled to the pilot. The quality of the GPS signal is also presented continuously for control purposes.

iTrip H-100 offroad tripmeter is an easy-to-use device

It has:  6 clearly marked and illuminated buttons  backlit LCD screen protected with polycarbonate  we include an instruction manual containing a description of each function and each button

Special version for Baja rallies

In baja and offroad rallies, there has been a specific entry in the road book for several years. It contains information about the driving direction expressed in the form of: course to the destination and distance to the destination. In a special version, Halda GPS H-100 can route waypoints (in the version with a GPS module), which are routed by the tripmeter based on previously set information from the road book. You can program up to 100 waypoints in the tripmeter that you will use during the rally. Thanks to the precision and speed of the tripmeter, you don’t even have to stop when you encounter such a description. You route a waypoint and the tripmeter will take you to your destination.

Maximum precision of Halda H-100

Halda is made using the latest technology.

It has:  super fast processor from a renowned manufacturer  internal electronics are assembled by an automatic production line  built-in GPS (currently from uBlox) works 10 times per second  time synchronization with GPS is performed every minute  work with high resolution speed sensors

Who is Halda GPS for?

iTrip H-100 is a GPS halda for every crew and every rally pilot. Amateurs will benefit from simple functions thanks to simple operation. Professionals will make the most of the tripmeter’s capabilities to gain seconds and fractions of seconds of advantage over other crews. GPS tripmeter features:  distance measurement with a resolution of 1m, 10m or 100m  maximum distance indications TRIP/PARTIAL 999.99km ODO/TOTAL 999.99km  deleting TRIP/PARTIAL and ODO/TOTAL distances  ODO/TOTAL distance correction – quick using the arrow buttons and full by entering the ODO/TOTAL distance  memory of 10 calibrations with a maximum resolution of 0.025m / 1km  the so-called azimuth routing, i.e. waypoint routing and navigation to it  memory 100 points, azimuth + distance to the point  azimuth routing without slowing down  route visualization on the Garmin device (NMEA IN/OUT protocol in the Garmin device and a physical RS232 port required) Set contains:  main unit  harness for connecting power supply and sensors  in the version with a GPS module – GPS antenna  set of brackets

H-100 tripmeter intended for:

 baja rallies – measurement of the short distance between situations and the long distance from the start of a section or section. The choice remains in the pilot’s hands. In the version with azimuth routing, Halda GPS will turn the cumbersome navigation based on the distance to the target and course into the joy of winning :)  crossing rallies – measuring the short distance between situations and the long distance from the start of a section or section. The choice remains in the pilot’s hands. additionally, always – voltage measurement in the vehicle’s electrical system, course and time from GPS (version with a GPS module)

GPS haldy structure

Characteristic features of halda:  steel, welded housing  backlit LCD screen protected with polycarbonate  hermetic connectors  internal GPS module  control of sensor operation  GPS operation control  azimuth routing function  any type of one- or three-button resetters  additional functional switches to speed up operation  cooperation with the driver’s display

Parameters displayed by the tripmeter:

 total distance ODO/TOTAL  TRIP/PARTIAL section distance  driving direction (course) according to GPS TRACK (CAP)  speed in km/h or miles/hour  vehicle supply voltage  time in hh:mm:ss format  GPS signal quality  quality of speed sensors

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 15 cm
Built-in GPS

Yes, NO

Azimuth routing

Yes, NO

Wire harnesses

On the back of the housing, From the bottom of the housing

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