Tripmeter Rally computer 6

Tripmeter Rally computer 6 is a precise, dust and water resistant tripmeter designed for rallies. The tripmeter is equipped with easily readable LED displays where selected parameters are shown in three separate windows. With the help of 7 buttons usage is intuitive and fast. The buttons are permanently assigned to particular functions.

Tripmeter Rally computer 6 measures and displays the following value: route distance, speed, time, voltage, direction/bearings, direction/ bearings to destination as well as distances on azimuth drive. It is designed for any type of rally. In conjunction with the waypoint routing function it can be used in off-road rallies.

Tripmeter Rallycomputer 6 gps azimuth 500

The tripmeter is designed for cars as well as motorcycles and quads.

The tripmeter can be equipped with ultra-fast GPS module supporting up to 48 channels. The module helps in calculating road distance or does it all on its own. With this solution it suffices to connect the tripmeter only to the power source.

The tripmeter can be also connected to any type of speed sensor.

Measured values of distance travelled are shown with a resolution of 10 m. Quick adjustment of ODO route is also carried out at the same resolution.

Road counting may be done in two directions. It is possible to switch over into countback mode (counting backwards).

The tripmeter can cooperate with one external reseter or four button wheel mounted reseter.

The tripmeter has convenient mounting points which make it easy to mount it in any vehicle.

Garmin waypoints routing based on azimuth and distance.

In case when Rally computer has a built-in GPS module, it is possible to equip it with Garmin waypoint routing function. To do this one has to select from the tripmeter memory the previously created "azimuth grid" and set the routing, which will result in displays showing information on the course and the distance to the destination. The routed waypoint can be shown on a connected by cable Garmin device.

Waypoints can be also routed without saving them in memory but in that case one would have to enter every time the course direction and distance to destination.

This function can reduce routing time to approx. 3 seconds necessary to select „memory grid ". Routing can be done while driving at any speed.

Azimuth sets and distance to the destination (the contents of the grid with azimuth) are entered into tripmeter manually. Tripmeter can store a file containing up to 999 azimuths.

Functions expandability

AZYMUT - additionally waypoint routing that is connecting functions: TRIPMETER + AZYMUT

Collaboration with Garmin - operation and configuration instructions

Working with repeater

Tripmeter Rally computer 6 can work as the main tripmeter for Rally computer 3 acting as a repeater. In each of the operating modes of the main tripmeter, the leading measure: TRIP STOPER or AZC (course to the destination) is automatically sent to repeater. At any time, any measured parameter can be sent to repeater.

 Tripmeter Rallycomputer 6 gps azimuth and repeter Rallycomputer 3

Functions :

  • built-in GPS1
  • Two independent road counters with the possibility of deleting
  • the maximum road distance - from 99.99 km to 9999.9 km
  • possibility to correct a long road - fast correction after +/- 10 m
  • road sensor input
  • in case of sensors failure, the possibility of switching over to GPS counting1
  • ultra bright displays and backlit buttons
  • digital protection of settings and measurements memory
  • easily readable GPS signalling of status and range1

1 version with GPS module

  • speed indication
  • route (bearings) indication1
  • Indication of voltage in the vehicle network
  • manual or automatic1 calibration
  • memory of up to 10 calibration coefficients
  • the possibility of changing coefficient during measurement
  • optional external repeater
  • possibility of changing the counting direction (forward/backwards)


GRAT 2 equipped with Rally computer 6.GPS azimuth and Rally computer 3 as a repeater - GER 2013 Rally

 Tripmeter Rallycomputer 6 gps azimuth and repeter in grat rallycar

User guide

Video instruction