Azimuth RC multifunction L-100

Azimuth RC multifuncion L-100 is a high precision, light tripmeter designed for rallies. Tripmeter is equipped with an easily readable display which concurrently shows all the parameters. Operations through nine buttons are intuitive and fast.

Azimuth RC multifunction L-100 routes waypoints on the basis of distance and the course to the destination and then indicates the direction. L-100 Azimuth displays values indicating the distance and the course to the destination and is intended for off-road rallies. 

Tripmeter has a lightweight plastic case. The case does not provide protection against water.

Tripmeter L-100 multifunction azymut

Tripmeters is designed for cars.

The tripmeter can be equipped with ultra-fast GPS module supporting up to 66 channels. The module is used to determine the position during the routing process. Thanks to the fast GPS module, routing waypoints can be done also while driving at any speed.

Displayed in the device's screen is an easily readable indicator of direction to destination.

Sending and routing a waypoint using the Rally computer multifunction takes just 1 second!!! At each point you can save about 20 seconds.

Waypoint routing in Garmin based on azimuth and distance

At the time of routing each waypoint, AZIMUTH sends a routing order to the connected Garmin. In this solution, the route guidance is performed on the screen of AZIMUTH device and on the Garmin screen.

The device has a feature which allows you to create, edit or delete files with azimuths. There is also the possibility of uploading prepared azimuths files from PC via USB.

Parameters measured by the tripmeter can be displayed on the optional repeater connected to tripmeter by bunched cables.

Tripmeter has convenient mounting holes which make it easy to mount in any vehicle.

Functions :

  • In-built GPS1
  • Creating files with azimuths on the device
  • Creation of files with azimuths on PC
  • The possibility of routing waypoints in cable connected Garmin device
  • Road sensor input
  • Contrasting LCD display and backlit buttons
  • Digital protection of settings and measurements memory
  • Easily readable indication of GPS status and range1

1 version with GPS module

  • route (bearings) indication1
  • optional external repeater
  • Possibility of updating firmware by USB flash drive memory
  • Possibility of extending functions to include tripmeter functions


Expendability of tripmeter functionality

  • Tripmeter – built-in tripmeter functions that is interconnection of TRIPMETER + AZIMUTH functions