As of  May 2013, VAT registered customers from the EU can opt for not paying the VAT when purchasing in our shop. For those not sure if their VAT Identication Number is valid, please refer to link below  :

If you have a  EU VAT number, simply tick the box  I HAVE a EU VAT number, and press refresh button. Your amount to pay will be re-calculated – marked 1 on the example sheet.

Make sure you have inserted the correct VAT number. If incorrect, a red alert sign will next to the number – marked 2 on the example sheet.

przyklad vat

rc6 gps azi c 1000

Measurement functions

Distance mode

Stage mode

Fast ODO correction

Full ODO correction

Permanemt memory holding

Configuration functions - all Rally computer 6


Cal value selection

Cal value measurements

Cal value entering

Configuration functions - only Rally computer 6.GPS azymuth

Managing azymuth points

Deleting full azymuth points