One inductive sensor is used to obtain pulses from the rotating metal component.

Mounting the sensor is a mechanical fixing in such a position to face the sensor was similar to the metal which reflects the speed of the vehicle - it may be piastu screw wheel, spindle shaft, etc.
The sensor is fastened with nuts and thread made ​​on the outside of the sensor.
Sensors that we fit all our tripmeters (including resistor supporting a signal).

Sensors are offered in two versions:

     with a flat forehead - a shorter range, higher resistance to mechanical damage
     Non-shielded - longer range, less resistance to mechanical damage


     Power - 10 - 30 V
     sensing range: flat head - 0mm - 2 mm; forehead odktye - 0mm - 5mm
     mount - M12
     output - NPN NO

How to connect.