The iTrip GPS speed sensor converts the GPS satellite signal to an analog speed signal that can replace traditional speed sensors mounted on wheels, gearboxes or drive shafts. For proper operation requires only power and magnetic GPS antenna located in a place with a view of the sky.


It can also work as a second speed signal to the tachograph

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The speed signal generated by this speed sensor is characterized by a constant number of pulses with respect to the road traveled. This makes it easier to use the meter to connect the sensor because the calibration value is constant, independent of the vehicle type, tire dimensions, or gear ratio.


Additional important benefits of using this type of speed sensor are:

  • The ability to move between vehicles without having to install mechanical sensors - a solution especially useful when you take a civil car by road
  • No faults caused by wheel slippage, which in some types of rally are the cause of the largest measuring errors.

The GPS speed sensor can work with any type of metrometer. It depends on the version from 3 to 5 outputs that will provide to the cooperating metrometer.


Technical specifications :

  • Power – 8-30v
  • Output voltage signal – 0-5v (TTL), 1 mA
  • Output NPN OC, PNP OC, Mosfet N, Mosfet P - max. 50 mA
  • Max current output - 50mA
  • Cal Value – 8000 imp/km
  • Accuracy - <1%
  • Required satellites - 6

 How to connect