Powerful  LED Headlights for cars, motorbikes and quads.  70mm diameter, 30W power and producing up to 3000 lumens of neutral light.

LED70 NARROW biale 1000

Rally LED headlight have been designed to use in cars, motorcycles and quads competing in all types of races. The casing made of aluminium alloy is integrated with a high efficiency radiator and is protected against water and dust. The light is generated from the original XM-L2 series CREE LED designed specifically for the automotive industry. The headlights are made using accurate lenses producing various type light focusing depending on their specification and purpose. Lenses are shielded with a 4mm polycarbonate glass. The LED’s are powered by a highly efficient power converter, produced within our company. The headlight is mounted using two mounting brackets made of strong aluminium. All other fixings elements are made of stainless steel.
The power cable is 1m long and is equipped with a superseal-type connection.

Different types :

N ( NARROW ) - typical long range with a narrow angle and maximum range. A small side glow helps to light the road edges.
M ( MID ) –  headlight with mixed LEDs : long range + wide angled beam light.
W ( WIDE ) – wide beam angle.

Each type can be made with a power reduction option (PC), reducing the power down to 15% of the  maximum power. An additional cable is then attached to the Earth allowing power reducing operation.

Technical data.

    diameter - 70 mm
    power - 30 W
    light intensity -  around 3000 lm
    light colour – white neutral
    power supply - 11V-30V
    current – 2.1A at 15V
    power consumption in PC mode - 0,3A at 15V
    weight -  0,5 kg
    protection: against reverse polarisation, high supply voltage, overheating (fluid power reduction )