This week we have an exiting opportunity to test our new LED spotlights and compare them with the car headlight lights, as well the additional lighting mounted on the roof of the sport car.
All this courtesy of Mr. Tomasz Jaskłowskiego, owner of TJ Motorsport which  builds race cars, who provided one his support car used in Monte Carlo Historique rally.

las 3 typy test v2 013x

Fiat 125p is equipped with a manufacturer headlights with H4 halogen bulbs as well as 4 additional long range Hella spotlight with 55W H3 bulbs.

Car’s headlight serial output  is:

  • passing light  : 2x55W
  • long beam combined with passing light : 4x 55W

Total additional power :  220W

las 3 typy test v2 011x

las 3 typy test v2 003x

To complete the test we have picked the following LED headtlights :

  • 2 x LED 50 WIDE headlights,  15W each, giving a wide and flat beam light. Beam angle ~ 45 x 15 degrees
  • 2 x LED 70 NARROW headlights, 30W each, giving a focused light. Beam angle of +/- 4 degrees
  • 2 x LED 120 MID - headlights, 60W each, with mixed lenses : 4 long range lenses and 2 wide and flat lenses.

This shot shows the the set on one side.

las 3 typy test v2 016x

The LED headlights have been fitted on the car roof just above the Hella halogen lights.

las 3 typy test v2 009x

All shots were taken with Nikon D90 set on a tripod the roof rack approximately 50 cm above the surface of the roof. Total heigh from the ground is around 2 meters.
All shots were taken with the same camera settings and were not processed, except reducing the image size.
These pictures do not reflect what human eye actually sees. Being in the car, you can see more than these pictures show. This however does not matter in this case as all headlight were tested in the exact same conditions.

This day view presents the road section that was tested.

las 3 typy test v2 005x

Passing light  : 2 x 55W

las 3 typy test v2 023x

Long beam lights : 2x55W + 2x55W

las 3 typy test v2 024x

2x55W Photo dipped beam + 4x Hella4x55W LED50 WIDE, 2 x 15W, neutral colour

las 3 typy test v2 025x

2 x LED 50 WIDE , 2 x 15W , netral color

las 3 typy test v2 022x

2 x LED 70 NARROW, 2 x 30W, warm colour

las 3 typy test v2 021x

2 x LED 120 MID, 2 x 60W, neutral colour.

las 3 typy test v2 020x